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Loyalty Points

Rewards & Loyalty Points

Begin to reward yourself with free and easy to earn Loyalty Points with our brand new FIFA Coin Store Reward Scheme by simply shopping with us, like you usually do!


What are FCS Loyalty Points?

FCS (FIFA Coin Store) Loyalty Points are digital credits that are awarded to your account by doing any of the following! -

The more of the above you do, the more Loyalty Points you will earn!

As soon as you have earned Loyalty Points they can then be redeemed on the checkout as discounts on your future order(s). It's really a win-win situation!

*Loyalty Points are accredited to users with accounts only, checking out as a guest will not earn you loyalty points.


Key Benefits of our Reward Schemes:-

  • Makes your future orders much cheaper!
  • Only takes a few seconds to earn FCS Loyalty Points!
  • Allows you to share your happiness with your friends!
  • Rewards our most loyal customers!


How can I begin to earn Loyalty Points now?

To kick-start your Loyalty Point goodness, you simply need to Register with our site. Log in and begin to browse through the methods above to start earning!