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  • Being Aware of EA Tax on Ultimate Team

    EA Tax

    The onset of a number of key changes to the way in which FIFA ultimate team is played in contrast to its predecessors has resulted in there being significant inflation within the internal game market. This auction house consists of the coin market used to buy FUT players, meaning that the price of players is also ever increasing. EA Sports have responded to this inflation by introduction what is now known as the FIFA tax which is a 5% tax on the purchase of any card within the game such as players, training, development, stadiums and even ball cards. Players have responded to the EA taxing system with a level of alarm as many have seen it as a way in which EA sports can simply further profit from the game.  However this is not really the case because when EA take the 5% sum of the transaction, they do not keep it. It is simply disappears from the FIFA economy. As the FUT companion app gains yet more popularity and becomes the main way in which players are trading more transactions are being processed hourly with some people profiting from the method of 'buying low to sell for higher'. EA have thought that endless rises in player prices will affect the game detrimentally hence have decided to make changes to the game and the way in which it has been played.

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    July 31, 2013

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